Xen Virtual Private Servers

Xen VMs With Highly and Fully Dedicated Resources

Examar’s Xen VPS is built on industry leading open source Xen cloud computing technologies. vServer Center’s Xen VPS is a Xen virtual machine which is served by a computing resource pool (aka Cloud) consists of redundant network switches, redundant enterprise class data storage systems, redundant high end physical computer servers, and Xen cloud computing software. vServer Center’s Xen VPS has its own dedicated operating system and maintains the same functionality as traditional physical computers. Our Xen Virtual Private Servers offer extremely high redundancy and scalability. We guarantee 100% Xen VPS uptime With our HA Setup !

Xen VMs Prices .

  • Mountain View
  • Available Medical SpecialtiesAvailable Medical Specialties
  • Investigations and TreatmentsInvestigations and Treatments
  • Medical ConsultationMedical Consultation
  • Home VisitsHome Visits
  • Pregnancy CarePregnancy Care
  • Medical AssistanceMedical Assistance
  • Basic Plan

  • $16

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties6 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments30 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation1 Time a Year
  • Home Visits1 Time a Year
  • Pregnancy Careno
  • Medical Assistanceno
  • Care Plus

  • $25

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties12 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments90 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation2 Times a Year
  • Home Visits2 Times a Year
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance
  • Super Care

  • $29

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties24 Specialties
  • Investigations and TreatmentsCan be extended to 250 Tests160 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation4 Times a Year
  • Home Visits4 Times a Year
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance
  • Super Prestige

  • $39

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties36 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments250 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical ConsultationUnlimited
  • Home VisitsUnlimited
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance

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